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About Us – United Aero Services Pvt. Ltd. (umrah.uasonline.in)

Welcome to Umrah.uasonline.in, a dedicated service by United Aero Services Pvt. Ltd., which is the flagship product of Uasonline.in. Since 2003, our parent company, Uasonline.in, has been at the forefront of the Tourism Industry, striving relentlessly to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our track record over the years is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Who We Are

Founded by a visionary Director armed with extensive experience, Uasonline.in rapidly gained recognition in the Travel industry. Our core mission is to infuse excitement, joy, and complete satisfaction into the hearts of our valued guests. While specializing in AIR TICKETING (FLIGHTS & GROUPS), our company also extends its expertise to tours and travels, offering comprehensive VISA services for various countries, including KSA, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and more.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence has earned us recognition from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India (DOT), headquartered in New Delhi, India. We proudly hold certifications from prestigious industry organizations such as IATA, UFTAA, TAAI, TAFI, ADTOI and are esteemed members of the All India Haj Umrah Tour Operators Association.

Development and Process

Throughout our journey spanning nine years, we have not only expanded in size but also enhanced the quality of our services. With a global presence, our offices meet international standards, boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure and a welcoming ambience. Our fully automated offices, equipped with cutting-edge communication systems, empower us to meet our commitments with precision and punctuality. The spacious interiors of our offices are designed to put our customers at ease, ensuring a stress-free experience. We take immense pride in offering individualized attention and personalized care to cater to each customer’s unique needs.

Leader and Motivator

Guiding the helm of United Aero Services Pvt. Ltd. and Uasonline.in is Mr. M. U. Khan, a visionary leader with an impressive 30 years of experience in the Travel & Tourism industry. He founded this firm in 2003 with a dream and a vision to leave an indelible mark in the Tourism Industry. Much like a skilled captain guiding a ship through uncharted waters, Mr. Khan has steered our company towards unparalleled success. He is a revered figure in the industry, admired for his dedication and unrelenting pursuit of excellence in all facets of our operations.

At Umrah.uasonline.in and Uasonline.in, we continue to uphold this legacy of excellence and dedication, ensuring that your travel experiences, whether for Umrah or other destinations, are marked by the highest standards of service and customer care. We invite you to explore our offerings and embark on journeys filled with unforgettable moments.